For all of us in ROTO, music is our number one creative outlet. We make music not only with the intent of expressing ourselves but with sharing it with you. To us music is meant to be heard and shared with the world, to bring people together, and why should you have to pay to listen to something new?

So with that said it is our pleasure to announce that from now on (and for as long as possible) all of our digital music will be FREE. Yes. FREE.

Just go to and download both of our albums for free. Hell, put them in your drop box, Google drive, flash drive, or burn CDs pull a Jesse Pinkman and throw them out of your window while you’re driving. Share them with everyone you know.

When you download our music from bandcamp it gives you the option to pay more if you’d like. Any donations are very much appreciated and will be used as an investment in the tools necessary to bring more music to your ears.

Thank you and we hope you all have an excellent week.
-Role of the Observer

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