Check out ROTO’s New Song

Thanks everyone who came out to the Masquerade on Saturday. It was a great turnout with an amazing crowd. Special thanks to Novus and Strays of York both had awesome sets!

We also have unveiled some new material at the past several shows and would like to share with you a live performance of our new song 3 of a Kind. Be on the lookout for the official release!


One thought on “Check out ROTO’s New Song”

  1. Me an my buddy were the two guys that met you out on the back deck after the show right as you were about to leave to pack some stuff up and bolt. You were kind enough to give us both copies of both your CD’s. That was uber cool of you and I just wanted to drop by to say I love both albums, and thank you.

    I’ve been telling anyone that will listen about you guys! I’m really looking forward to catching a show by you sometime.

    Take it easy,

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